General Servicing


  • Operation of the mechanism both electrical and mechanical.
  • Complete checking, cleaning, and testing of switchgear through testing and checking of spares like contacts, limit and micro switches, alpha plugs, secondary pins, moving & fixed contacts, interrupting chambers & other insulated parts.
  • Verification of required alignments.
  • Inspection and testing of tightness of all control cables and isolating contact tightness.
  • Verification of tripping operations.
  • Checking of insulation resistance.
  • Checking of pole assembly, connecting and conducting live terminalsand the drain out way wil be cleaned fine.
  • Verification, cleaning and functional checking of the circuit breaker.
  • Checking of the transformer oil & replacing the same if required.
  • Alignment checks for draw-in and draw-out operations.
  • Checking of moving and fixed contacts.
  • Dismantling, cleaning, making fine through applying rubbing articles, applying jellies for the fixed contacts & interrupting chambers & re-fixing the same.
  • Final touch setting for all manipulative drawn out’s.